December 12, 2010


Posted in Diary, I and Me at 18:24 by onlyjaded

How can worldly love and the disappointing another person angry or disappointed or just sad, allow me to silence that part of me that screams against doing what I know is wrong and a gunah?

Why don’t I have the courage to let that person go or bear his mood and have faith in the Almighty for knowing what is best and preserving me from the shar of what may come?

It is my weakness that I allow Shaitaan to sway me.  He takes the form of those I care for and those who profess to care for me and at the time, I in my state of mind, and am unable to even understand that those who would love me, would also care about what matters to me, no matter how insignificant it seems to them.

Oh, the shame of it…

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  1. Anon said,

    Im loving your blog posts, the truth of the matter resonates with me, remember we are all sinners. But the best of sinners are those who constantly repent. Rise up in the last third of the night, and invest in your heart, asking Allah to purify you inshallah. For he is Al-Ghaffar, Ar-Raheem.

    From one struggling sinner to the other keep perservering.

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